Tips & Ideas

You spend more than you think on small things

Many articles show we are not good at properly assessing how much we spend, and expense tracking can help.

Actual vs. Budget Zen: Which one is better for you?

When should you choose Budget Zen over Actual and vice-versa.

Support for multiple accounts

Budget Zen now supports multiple accounts logged in simulaneously!

Get help with your budget tracking needs

Budget Zen can help with your budget tracking needs, while keeping your privacy!

Weekly Expense Tracker Guide - Take Charge of Your Budget

Discover the Benefits, Tips, and Best Practices for Effective Expense Management

Find a privacy-friendly finance app

You can manage your finances in a privacy-respecting manner with Budget Zen!

How to Budget Your Paycheck Like a Pro - A Complete Guide with Tools and Tips

Mastering Financial Success, One Paycheck at a Time

Financial Literacy Guide for Young Adults, Millennials, and Gen Z

Learn how to become financially literate with Budget Zen!

Personal finance made easy

Keeping your finances private, and for you, only.

New autocomplete suggestions

It can be even faster to add an expense now, with the new autocomplete suggestions.

Zero-based budgeting

Budget Zen can help you use zero-based budgeting.

Envelope Budgeting System

Follow the envelope method with Budget Zen.

Announcing Budget Zen 3.0 - Self-hostable

Now you can run it yourself.

How to add recurring expenses

How to avoid manually adding expenses like rent, savings, etc.

Budget Zen vs. Mint: Which one is better for you?

When should you choose Budget Zen over Mint and vice-versa.

New design, look and feel, for desktop and mobile!

More consistent, simpler, faster, and dark.

Budget Zen vs. You Need a Budget (YNAB): Which one is better for you?

When should you choose Budget Zen over YNAB and vice-versa.

Ideals, ethics, and values

These are the guiding principles used while building Budget Zen.

Choosing an Open Source license for your end-to-end encrypted app

Tips and ideas on evaluating and choosing an Open Source license.

How to track your spending securely, and save money

The best way to save money is to know where it goes. Here are some tips.

Start saving right here, right now

Learn why you should start saving and how with Budget Zen.

Get your finances together

Learn how Budget Zen can help you organize your finances.

Announcing Budget Zen 2.0 - End-to-end encrypted

Now even more private, and easier to use.